An Immersive Art Experience beyond Physical and Time Barriers



Make Anyone Access Art Exhibitions

EAZEL helps museums and galleries move their physical and temporary exhibitions online with a virtual reality technology. People can enjoy exhibitions of the leading art institutions from all around the world without geographical and time limits. Eazel democratizes experiencing art from anywhere at anytime. We believe anyone can access great art exhibitions from all around the world. Eazel therefore, creates a renaissance for the appreciation of art in contemporary era.


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Eric Yoon

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CTO / VR Software Engineer

William Pearson Treanor

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Arjun Sahgal

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VR Software Engineer

Ana Sofia Canales

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Contents Manager

Amy Gahyun Lee

Ns 08b799deecd60670533ddf8bdb82e3eb6451c7d97a94e3c8c4a743178c03d08f

Web Developer

Neil Sefah

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Full Stack Web Developer

Seulki Kim

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Video Contents Producer

Sung Jun Yoon

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Little Friends

Moonshine, Sanderiana, Chinese Ivy

Advisory Board

Ahg d5f20fad179f6d006091e7092fd503d2561652ce61a55ef20caa204cd19dfb3e

Art Critic

Anthony Haden-Guest

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Tim Keepers


Shape the Future of Experiencing Art

EAZEL partners with world’s leading art institutions to open up new horizons for contemporary arts. Our advanced technology will expand the limited exhibition space and change the way people appreciate, archive the arts. Join us now in defining new art experience in the rapidly changing art landscape and acquire more audiences to your institutions through Eazel.

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