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DAG at The Armory Show, New York

DAG, The Armory Show, New York

DAG debuts at the 25th Anniversary of The Armory Show - New York showcasing the most celebrated Indian modern masters who had a deep connection with the US.

A little-explored aspect of Indian modern art is the tryst shared with New York’s art scene in the 1960s and ’70s facilitated by the John D. Rockefeller III Fund. At a time when Indian artists wanted to explore beyond the established styles and movements, the Fund was like a breath of fresh air, allowing artists in India to spend a year in America soaking in the scene of, mostly, colour-field abstraction. New York’s liberal atmosphere, its hunger for experimentation, its encouragement of alternate options, all of it would influence the practice of Indian artists fortunate enough to imbibe this lively scene at first hand. The collective history of the Fund points to a vital relationship in the liberal arts space between the United States of America and Asia, benefitting hundreds of artists, architects, museologists, art historians and practitioners of visual, performing and other cultural art practices.

On display at the DAG booth are 17 artworks by 11 artists.

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Various Artists


Mar 06 - Mar 10, 2019


newyork@dagworld.com >


Installation view of DAG at The Armory Show, New York

DAG, New York


Installation view of DAG at The Armory Show, New York

DAG, New York


Avinash Chandra

Jyoti Bhatt

K G Subramanyan

Krishen Khanna

Natvar Bhavsar

Paritosh Sen

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