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Shin Pop-Up, Museum Pieces Only (Seoul, Part I)

Experience the Metropolitan Museum of Art, MoMA, and Guggenheim all in Seoul, Korea. Shin Gallery invites you to discover museum-quality art of rediscovered, established and outsider international artists from a variety of artistic disciplines and backgrounds in rare and thought-provoking exhibitions.

Over the course of five days, two intellectually-driven shows will be curated by Hong Gyu Shin, in which the space and art will be transformed. From March 20-22 Shin Gallery will showcase rediscovered and established artists including, Carol Rama, DeWain Valentine, Man Ray, Larry Zox, Otavio Schipper, Andreas Emenius, Wilhelm von Gloeden, Stephen Antonakos, John Baldessari, Ted Stamm, Carla Prina, Chaim Gross, and Loredana Sperini.

From March 23-24 outsider artists Hawkins Bolden, Bill Traylor, James Castle, Richard Hambleton, Thornton Dial, Suh Yongsun, and Amir Nave as well as a Child Art Fair will be exhibited. The two radically opposing shows will comment on overlooked, successful as well as underrepresented artists whose quality and originality surpass common views and understandings of art.

The first three days will highlight artists whose careers endured significant success or were not fully realized for their mark in art history. For instance, Carla Prina (b. 1911), an influential Italian abstract painter, was championed by Juan Miro and individuals associated with the Escuela di Altamira for her geometric and colorful forms. Although respected, her works were never seen outside of Europe and have not been until now. On the other hand, Stephen Antonakos (b. 1926) Greek conceptual artist, was highly acclaimed for his neon light installations revealing minimal, abstract and geometric forms. His status in the art world has been solidified and will continue to be a major influence in the market.

During the last two days, Shin Gallery will feature outsider artists whose presence in the art industry have been acknowledged, yet not solidified. Richard Hambleton (b. 1952) was a highly respected street artist who is best known for his Shadowman paintings in the 1980’s. Towards the end of his life, Hong Gyu Shin had the privilege to work alongside Hambleton and provided studio space for the artist to create works. The two remained close friends till his death and Shin continues to be an advocate and collector of his art. The exhibit will feature one Shadowman work of Hambleton’s split by two panels.

Towards the back of the booth, a Child Art Fair will feature artworks made by children in South Korea. In collaboration with Big Fish Art, Seoul, children were given the opportunity to submit their own art to Shin Gallery in hopes of being selected and showcased at the fair. A similar concept was done by Peggy Guggenheim, in which the acclaimed art collector displayed works made by children, one of which was Lucian Freud. The sales of art will be divided 50/50, one half going to the child while the other to Seoul SOS Day Care Center and outsider artists in Korea for individuals in poverty.

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Various Artists


Mar 20 - Mar 22, 2019


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Carol Rama

DeWain Valentine

Man Ray

Larry Zox

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