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Magenta Plains at Frieze New York 2019

Magenta Plains at Frieze New York 2019
Focus B18

Magenta Plains is thrilled to exhibit new painting and sculpture by New York-based artists Alex Kwartler, Ebecho Muslimova and Nathaniel Robinson as well as a historical masterpiece by pop-conceptual artist Peter Nagy, who lives and works in New Delhi, India. Connected by their spectacular technical deftness, the works on view channel a sense of wonder, mystery and awe.

All of the artists are represented at the gallery in New York. For almost a decade, Kwartler’s thoughtful paintings have profoundly dismantled the ordinary symbols and signs that permeate our everyday lives. Kwartler deploys the slow cadence of easel painting merged with heavily processed expressionist gestures, deconstructing painterly space and visual meaning with sharp humor. His new plaster and acrylic paintings are built up quickly with sweeping brush strokes and are monochromatic, with subtle shifts in color gradient.

Ebecho Muslimova, known for her raucous and sexually uninhibited character 'Fatebe' creates paintings and canvas works that beguile the eye as much as they humor the mind. Fatebe's physical contortions and unpredictable quandaries play themselves out like performances on the canvas: each work depicts a single event that uncannily combines self consciousness, comedy and vulnerability. Muslimova's technical prowess as a painter helps to underscore the sheer delight of Fatebe's misadventures.

Nathaniel Robinson's sculptures capture the complex and subtle ways that seeing accepts and limits transcription. His wizard-like simulations of real-life objects are derived from utilitarian items, in this case: the milk carton, relieved from any branding or specificity in design. His sculptures reflect what is felt subconsciously and how one articulates a dimension of perception that may be unknowingly present, utilizing the familiar as an anchor upon which Robinson brings to bear what can only be described as the uncanny.

Magenta Plains is beyond proud to present 'God Lie,' (1988) a historical masterwork by Peter Nagy from his Baroque and Rococo series. 'God Lie' is a hallucinatory take on the architectural follies of 17th century European powers. Entirely hand painted using acrylic on canvas, the painting is an epic work that perfectly encapsulates the wealth and madness of western civilization Post-Renaissance while also skillfully commenting on another Gilded Age—the 1980s—the decade the painting was produced.

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Various Artists


May 02 - May 05, 2019


info@magentaplains.com >


Installation view of Magenta Plains at Frieze New York 2019

Magenta Plains, New York


Installation view of Magenta Plains at Frieze New York 2019

Magenta Plains, New York


Ebecho Muslimova > <

Fatebe Nature Pressure

Fatebe Wet Attic

Ebecho Muslimova > <

Fatebe Nature Pressure

Fatebe Wet Attic


Ebecho Muslimova


Alex Kwartler

Nathaniel Robinson

Peter Nagy