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Jason Haam at Art Busan 2019

Jason Haam at Art Busan 2019
Booth C16, May 31 – June 2, 2019

Jason Haam is pleased to participate in Art Busan 2019 (Booth C16) for the first time. The presentation of the booth has been sectioned off by six of the gallery’s represented artists—Oliver Arms, Peter Buggenhout, Marie Cloquet, Linn Meyers, Anthony Pearson, and Mircea Suciu—and works by Sarah Lucas.

Oliver Arms’ Sugar resembles the process of consuming the popular candy ‘jawbreakers.’ Fittingly titled Sugar, the piece is characterized by its dynamic vibrancy. From the texture to the layering of colors, its combination of lyrical imagery and dominant form allows the experience of viewing the work to extend beyond the visual. Arms, an LA-based artist, portrays elements of the American spirit embedded within a personal romanticism through the use of his own, poetic language—creating instinctive yet refined works as a result.

In the Etched Plaster series, Anthony Pearson creates material-based works through the etchings on the surface of plaster. Having the qualities of both painting and sculpture, the works capture the transience of a passing moment through materiality—where the ephemeral imagery is confined within the physical object. Through the reflection of light projected across its surface, the works form varying visual compositions revealing the detail and precision of the etchings.

Based in Washington D.C., Linn Meyers has held solo exhibitions at institutions such as the Hirshhorn Museum, the Smithsonian Museum, the Phillips Collection, and the Hammer Museum. Cosmic in imagery, her works have been completed through a repetitive sequence of fluid form within geometric structures—which represents the progression of order and movement. Experimenting with the physical limitations of infinity, the artist starts mark making from the edge, but the works do not begin or finish within the confines of the panel. Appearing to be In constant motion, her meditative works depict elements of control, depth, and timelessness.

Featuring a set of photographs by Sarah Lucas titled, Untitled—photography as a medium has always been essential to the artist’s practice, as she has often emphasized that the radical comes from the accessible. These two images depict the male and female body respectively through the use of ordinary, found objects such as chairs, oranges, and raw chicken. Creating works, which are confrontational in nature, the artist explores the conventional notions of gender, sex, and mortality. This ambiguous and suggestive representation of the human form is rooted in the artist’s satirical approach to the absurdity of life.

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Various Artists


May 31 - Jun 02, 2019


contact@jasonhaam.com >


Installation view of Jason Haam at Art Busan 2019

Jason Haam, Seoul


Installation view of Jason Haam at Art Busan 2019

Jason Haam, Seoul


Anthony Pearson

Linn Meyers

Marie Cloquet

Mircea Suciu

Oliver Arms

Peter Buggenhout

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