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Studio 525 is pleased to present ​Fifth World Problems​, an exhibition bringing together the works of artists James Clar and Matthew Schreiber. The "Fifth World" refers to a fictional inter-dimensional plane of existence that contains bizarre life forms, philosophies, physics and other anomalies. Fifth World Problems, a play on the concept of 'First World Problems' deals with the frustrations of living in alternate dimensions, rather than the actuality of the monotonous present. 'Fifth World Problems,' the term invented on Reddit, one of the most successful forum communities on the internet, is reimagined in the exhibition as cosmology turned reality. The works presented by James Clar and Matthew Schreiber contemplate the reality altering medium of light and technology systems, questioning whether the experiences and problems of one world or plane of existence is essentially the same as another. This specific invitation to the two artists stems from their use of various mediums at the intersection of technology, light and space; attempts to question what the immediate state of experience of space is in our distracted oversaturated environments. The exhibition presents an installation by Matthew Schreiber rarely experienced in NewYork. ​Guilloche2019​, part of an on going series since 2005, treats laser light as sculpture. Geometric ​Guilloche​ patterns are commonly seen in holographic anti-counterfeiting measures and the ​Spirograph​ toy developed in the late 1960’s.

James Clar, Matthew Schreiber

Studio 525, New York

May 02 - May 05, 2019

Kasmin is pleased to present a major exhibition of new work by artist and designer David Wiseman (b. 1981). Plants, Minerals, and Animals is Wiseman’s first solo presentation at the gallery and will be on view at 515 West 27th Street between March 14 - April 27, 2019. Bringing together designs conceived and forged in the artist’s Los Angeles studio over the course of the last fifteen years, the exhibition acts as a culmination of Wiseman’s career thus far.

David Wiseman

Kasmin Gallery, New York

Mar 14 - Apr 27, 2019

Garth Greenan Gallery is pleased to announce Peter Blake: The Artist’s Studio, an exhibition of paintings, drawings, and sculptures at 545 West 20th Street. Opening on April 11, 2019, the exhibition is the artist’s first with the gallery. The centerpiece is a life-size recreation of the artist’s London studio, including nearly 50 works of art, alongside thousands of objects and ephemera.

Peter Blake

Garth Greenan Gallery, New York

Apr 11 - May 18, 2019

9 internationally acclaimed contemporary artists’ group exhibition, The Contemporary Art Stage I: The Essence of the Age will be held at the The Page Gallery from April 11th to June 12th. This is the first exhibition of the gallery’s trilogy project for the contemporary art, and the artworks of 9 artists from the UK, the United States, South Korea, Switzerland, Germany and China will be featured.

Various Artists

The Page Gallery, Seoul

Apr 11 - Jun 12, 2019

SHIN GALLERY is pleased to present a solo exhibition of works by Italian artist Carla Prina, a long-underrecognized leader in the Italian abstract art movement. This will be the first overview of Prina’s work in the United States and will highlight her bold and vibrant geometric pieces. The exhibition will feature paintings spanning four decades, from the 1950s to 1980s.

Carla Prina

Shin Gallery, New York

Apr 18 - Jun 02, 2019

Nancy Margolis Gallery is pleased to announce Aubrey Levinthal’s second solo exhibition with the gallery. The show will be on view April 18th to June 1st, 2019.

Aubrey Levinthal

Nancy Margolis Gallery, New York

Apr 18 - Jun 01, 2019

Magenta Plains is proud to present Someone To Watch Over Me, our first solo exhibition with Barbara Ess. Ess is renowned for her haunting pinhole photographs and for performing in experimental bands in New York City’s 1980s and 90s downtown art scene. She is the founder and editor of the legendary mixed-media publication, Just Another Asshole, and has exhibited her work in solo and group exhibitions worldwide. Someone to Watch Over Me focuses on Ess’s recent projects in photography, video, and sound dealing with themes of boundaries, distance and separation.

Barbara Ess

Magenta Plains, New York

Apr 07 - May 12, 2019

Gallery Bundo is pleased to have Red Sansu, a solo exhibition of the artist, Sea Hyun Lee. He is well-known for his landscape paintings in red ('Red Sansu'), which is finished with oil painting on a canvas-covered with a linen cloth. His landscape work conveys the artist’s message to viewers as a reality and idea entangles. The artist was born in Geoje Island and traveled back and forth between the island and Tongyeong. The circular images of the sea and the porch he had always seen in his youth are reflected into the composition of his red paintings. Ever since he decided to become a painter, he moved to Busan and Seoul consecutively and received art education at Hongik University, Seoul. His college years in 1980s were full of social upheavals, and the metaphors of his social criticism in paintings were shaped during this time period.

Sea Hyun Lee

Gallery Bundo, Daegu

Apr 08 - May 15, 2019

Hanart TZ Gallery is honoured this March to present ‘Edge of Sea and Sky’, a solo exhibition by late Taiwanese master artist Yeh Shih-Chiang, featuring over 30 oil paintings.

Yeh Shih-Chiang

Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong

Mar 22 - May 04, 2019

De Buck Gallery is pleased to announce Shh…, a solo exhibition by Devan Shimoyama. This will be Shimoyama’s second solo exhibition with the gallery and will be on view from March 7, through April 20, 2019.

Devan Shimoyama

De Buck Gallery, New York

Mar 07 - Apr 20, 2019

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