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Curated by Connie Rose I PR by Marina Dojchinov

Welcome to the age of transformation. The snow is melting into Spring, and we are thrust into a world of revamped curiosity. Please join us for the opening reception of Transformation, an interactive art show exploring the threads connecting us to the surrounding world. Throughout the week we will have inspirational talks, sound baths, and workshops.

Connie Rose_Connie Rose’s abstract work is a fresh and exciting mix of abstraction and surrealism with a contemporary mix of mediums. Music, meditation, self hypnosis, and breathwork are key components to the creation of Connie’s paintings which take the viewer on a colorful journey of electrifying visual energy to meditative imagined worlds. These worlds tap into a primal feeling that the viewer is both shaken and settled by, it is both truth and illusion. Connie explores the limitless possibilities of universes and existence with deep intuition, passion and wonder.

Brett W. Thompson (Fluidtoons)_Fluidtoons is Brett W. Thompson's intuitive outpouring of cartoon art: drawings and paintings on paper, canvas, walls, human bodies, etc., as well as hand-drawn animation. Recent works on paper have been created in public as live art during concerts and other events. Brett fell in love with making large work in public when, in his first few days of living in NYC, he stumbled upon 'Art Around the Park' and felt strongly compelled to grabbed a
free spot (after a dash to the hardware store for supplies!). Each spot was approximately six by seven feet of billboard vinyl. Since then, he's painted several large murals, participated as an artist for Body Painting Day, and covered shoes, shower curtains, sinks, toasters, and a Toyota SUV with Fluidtoons. Fluidtoons animation has screened all over the world for various festivals and International Animation Day. It's typically created with ink marker on paper with no storyboarding. Brett has had solo art shows in Atlanta, Baltimore, and Brooklyn.

Radomir Petrov_Radomir Petrov creates paintings with dreamlike depictions of familiar characters and figures set to the themes of isolation and mortality, drawing parallels between the loss of innocence and existentialism. Having been influenced deeply by ancient artifacts and the level of decay they endure, Radomir Petrov’s paintings have a similar specter-like feel with a level of playfulness that brings the viewer in.

Binna Kim_Self-taught Korean born artist Binna Kim also works as a NYC floral designer and window decorator using natural materials and her own artwork which was a catalyst to further her solo art practice.

John Shashaty_John Shashaty is a NYC born and raised artist. His abstract drawings contain hidden symbols, and he created each piece with a clear story in his mind. He intends for this concept to demonstrate a sense of self and transformation that humans experience thought one’s lifetime, leaning towards a more nurture over nature viewpoint, he states: “we all start with a clean slate, it’s life events, emotions and reactions that make us who we are as individuals and
as a society.” John is an insomniac who creates his art in the hours of darkness, hence the pseudonym, 'Nocturnal_Abstract_222'. Often he translates his abstract
visions during sleep to paper. John has been featured in various publications, locations, and galleries including The Prudential Insurance Company of America, NYC Subway, South Street Seaport, Art Apple NYC Magazine, 10011 Magazine, and 1340 Art Gallery.

Samantha Hunt_Samantha began by working in several of New York’s top museums, where the conceptual aspects of modern art began to influence Samantha’s approach to her own artwork. Samantha completed a master’s degree in Art Therapy and Mental Health Counseling. This is where the exploration of her intrinsic relationship between the process of making art and personal growth solidified her commitment to create art.

Willam Van Doren_“I once wrote in my journal, ‘In vision painting, strangely enough, we see things that aren't visual – that are otherwise never seen.’ It took a long time to realize this idea in my own work. I only came to understand it through a simple experiment – when I started painting the sunset every day. And then I kept doing it, for 11 years. Over time, I was driven to look for ways to express the greatness of what we experience when we see the sky, the horizon. The
layers and patterns I create now, grew from what I learned over those 11 years. The transformations in my sunset series are the subject of my book in progress, Into the Sunset: Paintings and Notes from Four Thousand Nights.”

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Various Artists


Apr 07 - Apr 12, 2018




Installation view of Transformation

One Art Space, New York


Installation view of Transformation

One Art Space, New York


Connie Rose

Brett W. Thompson (Fluidtoons)

Radomir Petrov

Binna Kim

John Shashaty

Samantha Hunt

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