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curated by Debbie Dickinson

One Arts Space is honored to present Keith Kattner, fine art landscape painter with Entropy. “Entropy is the universal law where nature’s tendency is towards randomness and decay. Civilization, on the other hand, is one towards creation and order. This uneasy transfer of energy between creation and destructive process affects everything we do and has been present since the beginning of time,” says Kattner.

Keith Kattner is the first to discover entropy, a scientific universal law combined with the innovation in figurative composition. The ability to create this style of artwork is the artist painting in a high level of science. Keith’s bucolic hues combined with visions of deconstruction scenes or societal gatherings are the depiction of years of research, nouvelle and original. This is the first to date of this unique figurative oil on canvas study.

This solo exhibition introduces the latest works by the artist along with his Classical Studies and the Reflection Series. You are invited to study the details within each and every frame to understand the unique inventive mind of this painter. Study the various geographical combinations. The subdued hues are the cache of these artworks.

We all have imagination to discover a unique viewpoint in art. Try to discern what the meaning is for you in each artwork in the Entropy show. This exhibition marks the beginning of a new movement in art.


Keith Kattner


04/03/18 - 05/02/18


One Art Space, New York