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Yoonkyung Park is a painter, who has constantly contemplated new possibilities of painting. Painting as a classical medium has been at the center of controversy such as 'the end of painting' and 'the painting is dead.' for a while. However, Park attempts to overcome the limitations of painting and explore the possibility of survival of it as contemporary art. She further tries to draw in artworks, viewers, and the exhibited space as participating entities to her artworks.

The exhibition title PAINTING × PAINTING uses the multiplication symbol '×' which has the meaning of expansion of the area. It also implies the subject of the exhibition on the expansion concept of painting. The exhibited artworks in this exhibition largely has two characteristics. First, it draws the painting on the wall into the space. The artist portrayed the illusion space of the flat painting in three dimensions by projecting it in the space of three dimensions while maintaining the original characteristic of the two - dimensional painting. Thus, the viewer, who has always passively appreciated artworks hung on the wall, can appreciate them by walking between the constructed paintings and experiencing the background of the artist's original brush strokes, the flow of paints, and overlapping lines.

The second feature is to render text with the image in an abstract form. The artist describes it as 'textimage', a compound word of ‘text’ and ‘image.’ The new text that the artist takes in this exhibition is a spiritual thing that cannot be materialized, such as 視而不見: A person cannot see and understand something without any interest in it even though he/she sees it physically,’ 聽而不聞: A person cannot hear and understand something without any interest in it even though he/she hears it physically,’ and Six Definitions of Love. The abstract paintings, mainly introduced until 2016, based on Internet slangs can be interpreted with a similar context of ‘textimage’. Just as the same word has diverse spectrum of feeling for each individual, the concept of textimage is to connect words that contain various spiritual and abstract meanings that cannot be defined in one word and represent that connection into abstract paintings.

In this exhibition, we will be able to meet the artist’s 'uncomfortable paintings' based on the above two characteristics. Audiences must make their own paths between installed artworks as if judging the space in their own definitions and filling in the unexplained part of the exhibition as if filling the gap between paintings. This is how Yoonkyung Park’s artworks, the audience, and the space all become subjects of the exhibition.


Yoonkyung Park


04/12/18 - 06/15/18


Hanwon Museum of Art , Seoul