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Byungjong Kim: Retrospective

Museum of Art (MoA), Seoul National University pleasantly presents Byungjong Kim's retrospective exhibition from May 11 through 20, 2018 in order to honor professor Kim's retirement. Centered on Kim's representative series, Song of Life and Black Revelation, the exhibition includes rich and diverse volume of paintings, which guide audience through the artist’s entire career as a painter.

Kim Byungjong’s Black Revelation departs from the image of Jesus as a handsome Italian man that Michelangelo hoped to portray in his works. It is in this departure that I find new hope for Korean painting. What Kim’s painting oeuvre ultimately strives to depict is freedom. That freedom is where logic and emotion, east and west come together in a united horizon of humanity. It is a chaotic world of creativity where the “self” is abandoned. It more than pleases me, my colleagues and my students that such a free-spirited figure like Kim is firmly maintaining his presence at the heart of our art and intellectual world.

Kim Young-oak, Philosopher


Byungjong Kim


05/11/18 - 05/20/18


Museum of Art, Seoul National University, Seoul