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MOWUM ARTBUS PROJECT 1: The Artist’s Garden

As its first exhibition in 2018, Datz Museum of Art will present The Artist’s Garden. Taking off from the question, “what significance does the garden have for an artist,” the exhibition will consist of more than 50 works provided by Korean artists including paintings by artists Hyeseung Lee, Hyein Lee and Kuyoung Heo, and photographs by artist Seongyeon Jo and the Datz Museum of Art's collection. Moreover, a special separate study space called “Garden of the Heart” was composed to add literary depth and interpretation to the art and the garden. Thus, we would like to invite you to the garden, which has been a diverse muse for artists, for the longest time, and to its intimate and beautiful stories.

The garden seems to be another term for humans’ longing for nature. As a sound and ideal paradise in people’s dreams, and at the same time, a never-reachable paradise lost, the garden endlessly captivates humans between its light and darkness. And here we find some visual artists who gaze at the garden with unmatched sensibility and sensitivity. In this “secret garden,” which has served as a muse for artists longer and more powerful than anything throughout all time and space, the artists create intimate and beautiful images.

The Artist’s Garden begins from the question: “What is the significance of the garden to artists? To this journey searching for answer, we invited four artists: painters Hyeseung Lee, Hyein Lee and Kuyoung Heo, and photographer Seongyeon Jo. While Hyeseung Lee keeps a personal garden made up of varied sizes of flower pots as she gazes at them slowly and paints them with her unique delicate sense, Hyein Lee interprets the garden as a space where humans and nature have conversations, thus re-translating a winter garden she once painted some years ago while staying in Berlin, Germany. Meanwhile, Kuyoung Heo expresses
the pleasure and feelings of being moved by his experience in a garden he found by accident through painting, while Seongyeon Jo observes and empathizes with the quiet growth process of plants over a long period of time, to capture part of that time in photographs, which are also drawings of light.“Garden of the Heart”which is a study set up on one side of the exhibition space, enables viewers to experience the meaning of the garden more broadly and deeply through a curation of books that link the relations between artists and nature in diverse ways. Introduced here are profound and broad stories that transcend art to meet with disciplines such as literature, philosophy, science and humanities, such as Impressionist artists, who often used the garden as subject matter, and their works, books of photography featuring the diverse work by photographers dealing with the theme of the garden, poetry about the garden by poets of both East and West, and other literature.

This exhibition is special as it enables spectators to meet gardens, which have been a source of inspiration for artists throughout all ages and countries, and to reflect deeply on the essential relationship between nature and art. After a particularly cold winter, we extend our cordial invitation to Artist’s Garden, our first celebration of spring at the Datz Museum of Art, surrounded by green forest.

Minjung Kang
Curator, Datz Museum of Art


Various Artists


03/17/18 - 05/27/18


Datz Museum of Art, Gwangju (Gyeonggi)