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Artists in Books

You can meet the greatest artists again at the Artists in Books at the Hyundai Museum of Kids' Books & Art. Picture-book authors reinterpreted the works of great artists and expressed them in their books with respect and love. In this exhibition, the authors presents their important books that successfully captured the times in which artists lived, their lives, and the themes and techniques provided by their artworks. All the books presented through the exhibition are of great artistic value, regardless of their thematic conjunction with great masters.

The era in which each artist lived plays a big role in understanding their works. Barbara Stock presents the stories of 'Vincent Van Gogh' in Arles, Saint-Remi and Auvers, where Van Gogh left his most splendid works, in the 140 page graphic novel based on the historical research and fieldwork. Kim Yong Cheol comes up with his own childhood - he used to draw alongside the stream in Yang-gu, when he contemplates the work celebrating Park Soo Keun, who is also from Kim's province.

Some authors express the artists' oeuvres focusing on their similarities in techniques and themes. Through describing the artist’s painting process that depicted what he saw in his dreams, Klaas Verplancke allows the readers to easily understand René Magritte's surrealism. Inspired by Henri Matisse’s cut-out technique, Christina Amodeo also cuts and pastes the papers and creates a picture book that emphasizes the formative beauty and harmony of colors. Also, like Jean Michel Basquiat, Javaka Steptoe uses the abandoned material from Brooklyn, New York to describe the artist's life.

Other authors in the exhibition use a completely different technique from the artists. Sieb Posthuma draws Alexander Calder’s entire working process that his wire works developed into the mobiles, by ink pens. Patricia Geis presents a pop-up book on various artworks by Pablo Picasso including his Cubist works, featuring audience participation and Violet Lemay describes Picasso in 100 different ways. Fausto Gilberti introduces how Jackson Pollock created action paintings with a fascinating description of fictional character.

Just as those picture books give us a new and exciting view of the artists, Artists in Books allows viewers to experience their oeuvres from diverse and profound perspective. By passing a large book cover where visitors can enter the space of each artist, the viewers can enjoy a variety of activities to understand the artists and their art world. Including picture book authors’ original paintings, sketches and dummy books, the exhibition also presents various books about the artists to understand them more deeply.


Various Artists


04/12/18 - 06/24/18


Hyundai Museum of Kids’ Books & Art, Seongnam