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from one tree to another

The Elizabeth Harris Gallery is pleased to present from one tree to another, an exhibition of new paintings and works on paper by the Danish artist Leif Kath. This will be the artist's fifth one-person exhibition with the gallery.

"Art exists as an entity; it is and remains a reality of its own. This is true of Leif Kath's pictures, as it is of art in general - the written as well as art nourished by signs and symbols. Art is primarily an expression of a spiritual transformation of form and matter, as expressed by the suprematist Theo van Doesburg in the late 1920s.

There are artists who in their works resolutely hold on to a genuine search for a stable and definitive art - knowing full well that the end goal is utopian; art is after all essentially a tragic expression of the impossible. It is also defiant. And this gives true art the proud stature which, along with the pain, is what in all its discretion characterizes Leif Kath’s pictorial world. It is one of the most consistent expressions in modern Danish art of what I would call in defiance of aesthetics, an aesthetics in search of a form and stability of content in keeping with the times, only possible to obtain by a coordination of very diverse elements. To be ascertained by studying his pictures.”

Excerpt from the translation of the essay by Jørn Otto Hansen, which appears in a fully illustrated catalog that accompanies this exhibition.


Leif Kath


05/19/18 - 07/27/18


Elizabeth Harris Gallery, New York