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From September 7th through October 12th, 2016, Waterfall Mansion and Gallery will present their first major solo exhibition of the acclaimed and renowned international artist, Osang Gwon. Using contemporary photographic prints from the internet, or images taken in his studio, Osang Gwon rebuilds historical sculptural motifs from Greek, Renaissance, to Modern masters like Alexander Calder. By layering patterns and shapes, he creates a new fantasy world filled with dynamic constructions, color, and movement called photosculpture. In the age of digital, the borrowed forms and images blur the boundary of past and present and create new tension and complexity. Osang Gwon rediscovers classical conversations and connects them to contemporary aesthetics. His continuos study on the various forms of historical sculptures are naturally applied to his sculptural form and by mapping it with contemporary photographic images it is reborn as "Re:Contemporary" sculpture. It is a reinvention, a rebirth, and a RECONTEMPORARY exhibition.

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Sep 07 - Oct 12, 2016


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Installation view of Recontemporary

Waterfall Mansion & Gallery, New York


Installation view of Recontemporary

Waterfall Mansion & Gallery, New York