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David Wiesner: The Art of Wordless Storytelling

With his delicate and realistic watercolor portrayals of unique imaginary worlds, David Wiesner is one of the most celebrated American writers of picture books. He has been awarded three Caldecott Medals.

From his early works at Rhode Island School of Design to his most recent works, Hyundai Museum of Kids’ Books & Art introduces various original paintings, preliminary sketches, and has collected his books under seven different themes.

In asking these seven different questions, this exhibition highlights Wiesner’s journey from childhood, the formulation of his ideas, the development of his stories, the selection of main characters, the selection of a form for the work, the arrangement of page layouts, and the representations of changing times and space.

He has been an artist since childhood, was influenced by a diverse range of cultural movements and artistic icons, and still, to this day, continues to passionately hone his craft.

This exhibition will give us a chance to discover his fiercely unique artistic character.

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David Wiesner


Jun 27 - Sep 22, 2019




David Wiesner