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Pool Party

On July 11th, 2019, C24 Gallery will present two different exhibitions, one by Mike Dargas, known for his extraordinary skill in photorealistic painting, and the other by artists from Field Projects, an open platform, multidisciplinary gallery dedicated to diversity, that hosts over 15 on and off-site exhibitions of all sizes each year. Mike’s solo show, Reflection of Dreams will be installed in the ground floor gallery space, while the group show, Pool Party will take place in the gallery’s atrium, known as C24 Underground. The exhibitions will run through September 21st.

Pool Party is a large group show consisting of the work of a diverse group of over 40 artists from Field Projects, the newest installment in C24’s ongoing series of partnerships with non-profit and artist-run arts organizations dedicated to promoting underrepresented artists. The selection will include paintings, sculpture, video and other multi-media work celebrating a range of personal and political identities and perspectives, offering viewers a multitude of opportunities for cross-connection and self-reflection, as well as a vibrant counterpoint to the vivid style of the exhibition upstairs.

Artists include: Cynthia Alberto, Vanessa Albury, Joell Baxter, Angelica Bergamini, Loren Britton, Dexter Ciprian, Hilary Doyle, Stella Ebner, Kimia Federowsi Kline, Rachel Frank, Paul Gagner, Rachel Garber Cole, Erika Lynne Hanson, Hilary Irons, Valery Jung Estabrook, Robin Kang, McKendree Key, Amy Khoshbin, Amanda Konishi, Alison Kudlow, Karen Lederer, Eric LoPresti, Erica Magrey, Susan Metrican, Joiri Minaya, Sarah Alice Moran, Amanda Nedham, Rose Nestler, Julia Oldham, Keri Oldham, Colin J. Radcliffe, Padma Rajendran, Sahana Ramakrishnan, Corinna Ray, Jennifer May Reiland, Katarina Riesing, Esther Ruiz, Aparna Sarkar, Lisa Schilling, Rachel Schmidhofer, Alex Sewell, Zorawar Sidhu, Emilie Stark-Menneg, anastasiya tarasenko, Kelli Thompson, Caroline Wells Chandler, Brian Willmont, Stephanie J. Woods, Connie Zheng and Mark Zubrovich.

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Various Artists


Jul 11 - Sep 21, 2019


info@c24gallery.com >


Installation view of Pool Party

C24 Gallery, New York


Installation view of Pool Party

C24 Gallery, New York


Cynthia Alberto

Vanessa Albury

Joell Baxter

Angelica Bergamini

Loren Britton

Dexter Ciprian

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