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物 Matter

This August, SA+ is proud to present its first ever exhibition of Hong Kong artists curated by renowned Hong Kong architect and art collector William Lim. Titled “物 Matter,” the exhibition features 18 Hong Kong artists and 6 Korean artists, providing a comprehensive overview of contemporary art from Hong Kong in conversation with each other from August 1 to September 18. SA+ is pleased to have the participation of AM Space, Blindspot gallery, Gallery Exit, Hanart TZ, Karin Weber gallery and local artists Cheng Ting Ting, Chu Hing Wah, Carmen Ng and Tsang Kin Wah. At first glance, Tsang’s works resemble the pattern of a Victorian wallpaper, but upon closer look reveals much deeper tensions and connotations. Cheng Ting Ting, Chu Hing Wah and Carmen Ng’s artworks are all deeply inspired by their experience living in Hong Kong and its uniqueness. In addition, South Korean movie star Ha JungWoo will also participate in the exhibition along with Korean artist Choi SoYoung, who creates her artworks of urban landscape compositions using discarded denim clothing and acrylic paint.

On behalf of Seoul Auction and William Lim, we invite you to discover the meaning behind the matter in this exhibition of Hong Kong contemporary art, which has recently caught the attention of art enthusiasts around the world. Why do Hong Kong artists create? Are there any similarities between Hong Kong and Korean art? We hope this exhibition will open these questions and bring greater awareness of these artists to both cities. This fall, we will also invite William Lim to Seoul Auction Gangnam Center to give a talk on Hong Kong artists and Hong Kong’s cultural scene. We hope this marks the beginning of Hong Kong artists having a greater presence in Korea, being more exposed globally and vice versa.

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Various Artists


Aug 01 - Sep 18, 2019




Installation view of 物 Matter

Seoul Auction SA+, Hong Kong


Installation view of 物 Matter

Seoul Auction SA+, Hong Kong


Cheng Hung

Cheng Ting Ting

Luke Ching

Chu Hing Wah

Chloe Chuek

Lam Tung Pang

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