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West Warehouse and Seoul Museum of Art are pleased to hold Noh Sang Ho’s as a last exhibition at the West Warehouse. Noh has persistently created paintings of many stories everyday based on numerous GIFs(short video clip) that have dominated a visual culture of our time on Internet. With his inspiration from the culture of a mass consumption, he develops his A4 size watercolor painting with his personal experience and others’ daily lives to create an interwoven story that can be recognized as Noh’s ‘original.’ The number of his vastly accumulated paintings is equivalent to his workdays at the studio, and we are pleased to present 800 specially selected watercolor paintings in this exhibition.

One of Noh Sang Ho’s major experiments has been reproducing his original works with different mediums and materials. While the reproductions share same images with the original works, they are consisted of different pigments and background mediums with differentiated density of image. Noh also add different images together to create a new work. These reproduced works are scanned with a high-quality scanner, compiled into digital files, printed, and disseminated the vast digital world of Internet through various social media. THE GREAT CAHPBOOK would also presents Noh’s 200 artworks, which were produced through this cyclical reproduction process across the physical and the digital world.

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Oct 01 - Oct 15, 2016




Installation view of THE GREAT CHAPBOOK

Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul (SeMA Storage )


Installation view of THE GREAT CHAPBOOK

Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul (SeMA Storage )