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Intuitive Landscape

We still seem to believe that one can disclose the most inert meaning of the world through signs, language, symbols and general concept. However, such tendency could be a habitual mistake or a collective hypnosis. If so, could there be a direct way to comprehend the Real and even broaden the experience in to the visual scheme, rather than depending on symbols and signs, language or general concept? Such curiosity is the onset point of this exhibition, Intuitive Landscape. The word ‘intuitive’ came to mind while searching for an idea that captures the meaning of being able to directly locate the Real which can be also extended to one’s visual experience. Intuitive is a word that we use daily, yet that which encompasses so much more. Henry Bergson defines ‘intellect’ as human’s ability to use and understand language and sign system. However, he claims that, such ‘intellect’ can only indirectly reveal the constituent part and introduces intuition as an empirical answer for a direct experience.

He argues that the world is not defined by a ridged intellect or concept and that only one’s intuition can grasp the core the internal quality of things. And finally, Bergson champions the idea that humanity is flexible, formative and continuously changing. Therefore, such ‘intuition’ is a philosophical cognition that is inseparable from expressing emotion and sensation in the form of art. This exhibition is an attempt to understand Bergson’s intellectual intuition, especially of the distinctive characteristics that are portrayed through the works of this group of artists and to visually explore intuitive cognition. The exhibition examines the possibilities of creating limitless new meanings through fragmented and collected images found in defined existence and established structure through the works of AHN Jisan, Kelvin Kyungkun Park, PARK Gwangsoo, NOH Sangho, YOON Hyangro and KIM Woonghyun.


Various Artists


12/15/16 - 01/22/17


Arario Gallery, Seoul