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Ahn Kyuchul: Words Just For You

Kukje Gallery’s first exhibition of 2017 showcases work by Ahn Kyuchul in a solo show titled Words Just for You, open from February 21 to April 16. Ahn’s practice uses everyday objects and language to engage audiences, allowing them to encounter his work directly and powerfully framing both the irrationalities and paradoxes found in modern societies. His diverse body of work revolves primarily around observing objects and the way people understand them. The artist manipulates these innate characteristics and the function of objects, humorously altering their context to reframe their essence as well as their utilitarian uses and symbolic meanings. While Ahn is often described as a conceptual artist, his work transcends categories, seeking to fundamentally engage people and highlight the society in which they live. His unique conceptual work engenders the audience to reflect on their lives and suggest a new perspective on society.

Ahn’s varied oeuvre includes his early “object sculpture” works personified by the artist’s own descriptive text-based narratives about the objects, as well as architectural installations, and more recently performance and video works. The artist pushes beyond structural and visual boundaries, expanding his purview to include linguistic, spatial, tactile, and auditory experiences. This synthesis reflects Ahn’s steadfast attempt to broaden artistic possibilities by inviting audiences to actively participate instead of passively stand by.

Ahn’s new works on exhibit in can be seen as an extension of his early practice that focused on “object sculpture.” However, this new body of work is more inspired by primary forms including circles, spheres, straight lines, and spiral structures.

"Words Just for You is a vanishing point where all human potential for connection disappears, a black hole that engulfs all of our secrets, and a threshold that leads to a realm beyond truth and falsehood. A space of eternal silence and solitude. It is a monological void just for your words, a space no one else has to know of.” -Ahn Kyuchul


Ahn Kyuchul


02/21/17 - 04/16/17


Kukje Gallery, Seoul