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Kim, Hodeuk.ZIP: Fullness, Emptiness

Paradise Culture Foundation presents Hodeuk Kim Solo Exhibition titled Kim Ho-Deuk.ZIP - Fullness, Emptiness from March 30 through June 17 at Paradise ZIP, the foundation’s Cultural Complex located in Seoul.

In the exhibition, Hodeuk Kim, the representative of Korean oriental painting, showcases 17 artworks that he has created over the last 30 years and explores the boundary between reality and illusion simply by juxtaposing two contradictory concepts, filling and emptiness. With Kim’s works that significantly focus on the use of Korean ink and beauty of emptiness, the show expects to transform the physical exhibition space into the space of meditation.

Hodeuk Kim generates powerful energy by drastic brushstrokes of traditional ink painting and mainly examines the life itself. He was born in 1950, Daegu, Korea and received both BFA and MFA from Seoul National University, Seoul in Paintings. Currently he is an emeritus professor of College of Art & Design, at Yeungnam University, Deagu, Korea.


Hodeuk Kim


03/30/17 - 06/17/17


Paradise ZIP, Seoul