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Absence and Distance

As one can surmise from the title Absence and Distance, the exhibition presented by BAIK ART is about two artists that make a connection through a “project-exhibition”. Their personal history and identity meet and intersect despite being strangers from different cities (LA and Seoul) and cultural backgrounds. The exhibition will run from April 4th to the 28th at BAIK ART, Seoul.

Lee Kang Seung has showcased many different works dealing with social and historical issues. He takes the image of an event and erases the human body or draws a scene without the human form. Ongoing since 2016, his art process for the show Absence without Leave starts with using photographs from 1970-80s that capture queer mens’ bodies in public or private places. From there, by erasing the figure from the original, the pencil drawings seek to capture the absence of individuals that were affected by the HIV epidemic and social/political violence.

Lee Hye In typically uses sketches to show contexts in and out of the art world around her. Lee’s sketches include themes that relate to memory/reality, comedy/life, emptiness/fulfillment, presence/absence, and inside/outside. However with only a month and a half left to opening day, Lee Hye In, hearing that this exhibition would be a joint exhibition with an artist living on the opposite side of the earth, changed her long-time method of drawing from real life and decided to draw what was shown through Facetime with artist Lee Kang Seung. With permission from Lee Kang Seung, she portrayed his way of living and the different environments he was in through ten sessions. She created 10 pieces as part of the “Face Time HD” series by inserting a framing technique within the images, different from her usual method of painting.

In the world we live in now, the reality is that all modern persons are lead by an extensive system. The two participating artists by using their own personal history and background, have turned back the time and place to contemplate the point in which memory fades. In this way, the two artists look towards the empty spot rather than the filled spot. In the end we do not know how the two artists’ works will be adapted and interpreted but it is true that their works are growing as innovations with the recurrence of the theme of “erasing boundaries”. Therefore Absence and Distance can be regarded sometimes as illustrative, comic, graphic, factual, constructive, and at times poetic, narrative, personal, and social.


Hyein Lee, Kangseung Lee


04/04/17 - 04/28/17


Baik Art , Seoul