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Soohyeok Shin & kkrkdk: MöBIUS STRIP

MöBIUS STRIP, is the exhibition, which the artist Soohyeok Shin and the artist collective, kkrkdk’s artistic oeuvre in architecture and map encounters. kkrkdk is consisted of a renowned architect, KKR and a photographer, KDK. In MöBIUS STRIP, Shin’s paintings, sensibly depicting the simplified architectures, intermingle with kkrkdk’s furniture that visually reinterprets the architect’s maps as if Mobius strip and establish the integrated flows within the exhibition space.

Shin has started his work from drawing maps that delineate space and time of cities he has experienced and has continued redrawing the architectures on them. A renowned photographer KDK, a photographer who pays close attention to architectural subjects, has partnered with KKR in order to produce furniture, based on a process of mapping. The collaborative exhibition between Soohyeok Shin and kkrkdk would extend the viewers’ visions and senses of our world.


KKR+KDK, Soohyeok Shin


05/11/17 - 06/08/17


ONE AND J. Gallery, Seoul