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JinSik Kim: Balance from a Line

Balance from a Line
The exploration of new forms starts from thinking about a line. If a 2D line becomes a part of an object and exists in that space, it should be so with obvious and definite reasons. Any form of lines that can function seems unstable. I added a minimum line to a table where we put things, a bowl where we contain stuffs, and a line that is transformed to become a tool for an amusement purpose, to make them stand on a flat ground on its own feet. It is extremely interesting as a designer to find a point of contact where two lines balance out. It is thrilling and exciting to see an asymmetrical form, finding its own balance as time passes. Viewers would be able savor every moment of this exhibition where functions and messages of designed objects are metaphorically hidden behind them.

Half Half Collection
Half Half Collection is designed a marble that has been condensed for many years to sustain wobbly metal sheet. A smooth and glossy texture of metal and a weighty and natural pattern in marble generate a strong contrast between them.

One Point
One Point has been first introduced to the public by Wallpaper magazine in the United Kingdom, and it is a reinterpretation of mini golf course as a functional design and sculpture. One Point was produced in affiliation with a beautiful flooring brand, Bolon, Spanish marble brand, Cuellar Stone, and Korean metal brand, Anun Factory. I applied various geographical patterns of the real-life golf course through adding curve lines to the metal plate that symbolizes the field, and I used marble props to float the metal course in the air. To symbolize grasses on a golf course, I used Bolon’s various design patterns and colors in PVC texture-based fabric to add contemporary look to the golf course.


JinSik Kim


05/24/17 - 06/28/17


Sophis Gallery, Seoul