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Naul Yoo.ZIP: for thy pleasure

PARADISE CULTURE FOUNDATION is pleased to hold Naul Yoo’s solo exhibition Naul Yoo.ZIP: for thy pleasure from July 7th to September 9th. Naul Yoo’s tenth solo show, for thy pleasure, centers on a phrase “for thy pleasure” from the New Testament (The Revelation to John 4.11) that reflects his idea upon the reason for human existence. As widely known as a member of a famous musician group, Brown Eyed Soul, in South Korea, Yoo studied communication art from Kaywon University of Art & Design that Paradise Group has supported. His versatile artistic talents have made him not only a beloved singer-songwriter but also a respected artist, who has participated in 9 solo exhibitions and around 70 group exhibitions till today.

This solo exhibition includes Yoo’s drawings, collages, installation works, text drawings, and silk screens that deliver both of his messages about truth, based upon the Holy Bible, and musical subjects. The artist said “The Holy Bible is the origin of my inspiration in art, and I include the truth from the bible within the artworks. I wish this exhibition be a chance to heal people and become an opportunity for viewers to think about the Creator in our busy life.”


Naul Yoo


07/07/17 - 09/09/17


Paradise ZIP, Seoul