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Recent Work Gallery project

Recent Work Gallery Project
curated by This Weekend Room, Seoul
Participating artists & graphic designers : Buhm Hong x Gooryong Kang, Byoungho Kim x Kijoon Lee, Eunkyung Lee x Hyungseuk Cho, Heaven Baek x Jin Jung, Hyesoo Park x Dongyoung Lee, Jebaak x Chocoding, Soyoung Chung x Kijo Kim & Sung Kim, Yunsung Lee x Shinshin

About the Project
Recent Work Gallery is a media experiment project organized by This Weekend Room, an art agency that designs the contemporary art platforms. Contemporary art platforms that explore various ways to enjoy today’s art by collaborating with visual art experts from all walks of life.

The eight visual artists who have garnered attention from the contemporary art world collaborate with eight graphic designers mainly dealing with familiar media to the public, and have produced artworks that can be easily seen and easily installed in our daily lives. One of the forms was posters. Contemporary art, which has been regarded only as pure artistic art, has been re-created as a daily medium through the visual transformation of graphic designers. Starting from November 2017, these artworks will be displayed in 11 public or semi-public spaces such as clinics, cafés, bookshops, co-working space, located in Seoul and Gyeonggi-do for about two months. Artworks will face audiences in everyday spaces rather than in exhibition spaces. Installation works and duration are different for each space.

Audience produce and enjoy art by posting and sharing replicated images in real time on different kinds of online platforms. As the word ‘posting’ shows people are conveying art to daily lives by posting which is applying unique forms and functions of posters. As Recent Work Gallery project defines our time as a ‘Digital Nomadic’ era, this project focuses our way of producing and enjoying art.

During outside installation, this project is documented with photographs, images and texts. You will be able to meet this project as a book and also an exhibition in This Weekend Room art space in Seoul from 15th to 30th of December.

Text written by Nahyung Kim, Director of This Weekend Room


Various Artists


12/15/17 - 12/30/17


This Weekend Room, Seoul