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Play Pray Paint

Gallery Meme presents a Tokyo based visual artist Ryo Matsuoka’s solo exhibition from January 26 through February 25, 2018.

Generally employing paintings, drawings, and embroidery installation for his works, Matsuoka visualizes his inner energy, mostly extempore and primitive, through his practice. Communication with the audiences and inspiration made particularly through the human relationship is a primary impetus for his creation, for this exhibition at Gallery Meme, the artist was staying in the gallery for a week and producing the works on site.

Artist's Statement

“The act of drawing opened me up for life and unknown places, connected me with new people, and gave me different windows of time and place, further inspired me to draw. I keep myself busy in and out of Japan by creating paintings, installations, murals, and embroideries and present my visions through various exhibitions or Play Pray Paint project“.


Ryo Matsuoka


01/26/18 - 02/25/18


Gallery Meme, Seoul