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A Denied Existence

Gallery 456 in collaboration with Goldfingr Arts

Goldfingr Arts is a private members-only club connecting influential people in the arts community, ranging from collectors, to gallerists and artists. We bring our exclusive clientele to different art events and partnered with M. Brendon MacInnis and Gallery 456 for this private showing.

Zhen Guo : A Denied Existence
curated by M. Brendon Macinnis
vernissage event organized by Rob Charles from Goldfingr Arts

Zhen Guo graduated from the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts (now the China Academy of Art), and was among the first group of art students from the Chinese mainland to emerge in the wake of the Cultural Revolution. She would rise to become a teacher at the same academy where she been a student, before emigrating the United States where she has her art studio in New York.

The bold, experimental edge to Zhen Guo’s work is born out of influences from Western popular culture and Post Modern art, while at the same time, her uniquely Chinese use of materials and meticulous craft reaches back to pre-revolutionary Chinese culture.

Exhibition Statement
"I use colorful cloth, expensive silk and humble linens to compose breasts to show women from different social classes, with different personalities and different responsibilities, all with beautiful, graceful, voluptuous breasts. I use ink to draw male and female symbols, barely shown through the tapestries. Sometimes I use huge works to call upon the image of the breasts and their power to alert people's consciousness to the power of the female gender. These are not only meant for people to recognize the beauty, softness, kindness of the female, but also to shock the viewer with women's power, resilience, and the limitless flexibility of the value and meaning within their existence." — Zhen Guo

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Feb 23 - Mar 23, 2018




Installation view of A Denied Existence

Gallery 456 with Goldfingr, Chinese American Arts Council, New York


Installation view of A Denied Existence

Gallery 456 with Goldfingr, Chinese American Arts Council, New York


Zhen Guo

New York