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Kahn Parade 2018 : Biting Kahns

Kahn Parade 2018 : Biting Kahns

curated by Myeonghwan Shin, Chang-Chang Yoo
designed by Sparks Edition
Participating Artists
Mackerel Safranski, Minho Kwon, Yongkwan Kim, Hanjo Kim, Yeongshin Ma, Kunwoong Park, Keunyong Park, Sooshinji, Sparks Edition, Myeonghwan Shin, Daeseop Sim, Rae Sim, Minhee Ahn, Ancco, Chang-Chang Yoo, Woosung Lee, Ilju Lee, Sungmin Choi, Jaehoon Choi, Jeeook Choi, Minseok Ha, Yeonsik Hong

My “Kahn”
During my childhood, there was a low and wide green barley hill between school and my house. On the two-thirds point of the hill, an old house site was located. Its roof was half-ruined and only the trace of the windows existed like an old dog with thinly grown hairs. The house site, that was guarded by a broken pump, consisted of only one room and one kitchen. My “Kahn”, which seemed like an old dog drowsing under the spring sun, was just an old house site from the viewpoint of the adults. The house site, “My Kahn”, suddenly woke up one day and bit me and my friends. At the moment that “Kahn” bit us, the trivial house site became the guardian of the Earth that protects this planet from the invasion of aliens and the broken rusty pump became a high-tech laser air defense artillery. The site soon transformed into the stage of a grandiose SF movie.

Everyone has one’s own “Kahn”
Each other’s “Kahn” will be different. Various “Kahn” exist in many cartoons. It can be an old house site for someone and can be old sewer pipe of the construction site, an old shade tree at the town entrance, or fragmented sky visible through urban buildings for others. Each person’s “Kahn”, that was used only for a certain purpose or remained empty since unable to find its use, will bite the person at some time. At the moment, the observer involves into the “Kahn” and becomes an active participant, thus “Kahn” evolves into a 'Kahn' of 'novelty’ which contains a new and mysterious story of each other. Like the old house site becomes a bunker of the guardians of the Earth, the sewer pipe can become an underground tunnel to the mysterious world and the fragmented urban sky can become a canvas that depicts various pictures.

‘Kahn' reminds us of the square 'Kahn' diagrammatically, but it can also be said to be an assortment of atypical including colorful stories in addition to squares. It is the sum of the events and times that occur within it rather than the meaning of the form. Conventionally, cartoons are said to be "drawn". However, since cartoon require writing and drawings, cartoon genre can be considered a mixture genre that can be called as "authorizing a cartoon". Like the process of building a house in architecture, there are the characters and acts (events) that use “Kahn” in cartoons, and the materials to express them also must be prepared. The processing of completing a cartoon, doing the basic sketch and connecting the Kahn and Kahn, is similar to that of constructing a house that stacking the materials one by one to complete it. One should live in a house to judge whether the house it good or not. Like this, the exterior of the cartoon does not verify whether it is a good cartoon or not. Looking into “Kahn” that everyone has, is a process that can be achieved only after stepping inside the "Kahn” to sit and talk to it. What are the “Kahns” of authors?

Biting Kahns
Architect Bernard Tschumi suggested 23 “Folie”, places that have the possibility of various events, in his design of Parc de la villette. If the existing architectural design was to determine the usage and function of the space, he provided the empty “Kahn” which is a container of the possibility of various events. When users of the park observe 'Folie' outside of ‘Folie', it seems to be a place to blow noise and strange noises and energies, but if they intervene in 'Folie' and become active participants, unintentional behaviors occur, and they stimulate the participants. It is easy to understand if you substitute “Folie” to “Kahn”. The world created by the experiences and intentions of the different creators fills the empty “Kahn” while the readers or audiences enjoying the stimulation created between the worlds of “Kahns”. We would like to define those as . “Biting” is called “Cute Aggression” that came from the human psychology when people want to bite a target when it is unbearably cute. These reactions are called intense positive emotions to balance with the opposite emotions. ‘Biting' is also an act of mediation that directly conveys emotion or pain. The 23 authors participating in the exhibition, all have the moments of bitten by “Kahns” called cartoons. There are also cartoonists, illustrators, and painting artists, and also some authors work across genres. Even though their professions are called in various names, they all raise the common “Kahn”, cartoons. There were some collaboration exhibits that adopted and edited only parts or images of cartoons before. However, it was hard to see the exhibit showing cartoonists’ own 'Kahn’ that cultivated in each of their own sectors. Hope that this exhibit to be an exhibit that authors stimulate each other, readers and audiences by biting each other’s “Kahns”. By Expecting a new Novelty.

Kahn Parade
 Kahn Parade started in a small scale in 2015 in the Art Space Hue, an alternative space of Paju. At the Kahn Parade, “Kahn” is one of the representative features that represent the cartoon genre and is an indispensable device in story development. In addition, 'Kahn' is a unit that counts the number of house areas in architecture. 'Kahn' is a unit for indicating the amount of nuclear material, and one cell is equivalent to 10,000 megatons. So, the Kahn Parade is like a march of authors who are building their own 'Kahn' which is small but has great potential.The genre of cartoons has been a genre since the late 19th century, and it has made remarkable progress with the development of printing technology. If paintings and other genres of art were art that uses only a small number of layers due to the way they view and own the original, cartoons are transmitted to the public through numerous self-replicas. Due to its ripple effect, it is an indispensable leisure culture for the public and it is a genre that made democratization of the arts possible (both for the consumers and creators). The popularity of illustration magazines and newspapers printed on low-quality paper in the late 19th century was largely controlled by comic strips. With the new replication technology and the new platform of smart devices, the cartoon genre is blooming a splendid flower nowadays. Through the era of comic magazines in the 70s and 80s as well as the era of comic book rental store that was a limited reading space, now people are reading web-toons regardless of place and time as well as gender and age. Kahn Parade is a resting rock for Noah’s dove in between the floods of web-toon.

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Various Artists


Feb 10 - Mar 04, 2018




Installation view of Kahn Parade 2018 : Biting Kahns

Post Territory Ujeongguk, Seoul


Installation view of Kahn Parade 2018 : Biting Kahns

Post Territory Ujeongguk, Seoul


Mackerel Safranski

Minho Kwon

Yongkwan Kim

Hanjo Kim

Yeongshin Ma

Kunwoong Park

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