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De Buck Gallery has played a significant role in both representation and support of some of the most innovative artists of our time. Founded in 2011 by international art dealer, David De Buck, the gallery focuses on both contemporary and modern art, and is deeply committed to compelling and innovative artists’ projects and exhibitions. De Buck presents artists who are global art scene leaders across international disciplines, movements, and eras.

The gallery programming engages emerging fresh contemporary talent such as Rashaad Newsome, Devan Shimoyama, Tahnee Lonsdale, Robert Lazzarini, Juan Garaizabal and Tajh Rust. Additionally, the modern program includes such artists as the Estate of the late Bernard Aubertin, a member of the Zero movement and best known for his red monochromatic paintings who influenced a generation with his international collaborations, concepts and ideas. David De Buck boldly focuses on the practices of minimalist mid-century masters such as Turi Simeti, Alberto Biasi and other post-war pioneers like Shozo Shimamoto, firmly rooted in tradition and historic significance.

Critically acclaimed shows such as “Sweet” (2017) by Devan Shimoyama and “STOP PLAYING IN MY FACE!” (2016) by Rashaad Newsome demonstrate the gallery’s cutting-edge and cross-disciplinary approach with dynamic new multi-media programming and performance. De Buck’s 2014 milestone exhibition “A New Visual Dialogue”, presented various post-war Italian artists including Alberto Biasi, Dadamaino, Lucio Fontana, Giorgio Griffa, Pino Pinelli, Turi Simeti and Nanda Vigo. Many of these artists were inspired, directly or indirectly, by the global Zero movement. The exhibition was presented in line with Guggenheim’s ZERO, Countdown to Tomorrow 1950’s-60s exhibition, a timely cultural event.

De Buck continues to dedicate the gallery’s ever expanding programming to the relevant artistic journeys of its roster of artists with fresh international exhibition programming, artistic and curatorial panels and discussions, and the creation of publication exhibition catalogues, which will create a historical overview for years to come.

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De Buck Gallery

De Buck Gallery

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