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Since the year 2009, THE PAGE GALLERY has been acting as a leading role in the contemporary art scene in Korea, by focusing in Korean contemporary art as well as Asia, Europe and America to pursuit the originality of our own.

In particular, we have been exhibited the coherent body of works which contain geometric forms, based on the progressive attitudes and humanities from the art of Korea.

Continuously presenting one of the most significant Korean artists such as Myung Young CHOI, Tschoon-Su KIM, Kyo Jun LEE and Jeom soo NA, it is clear we are focusing in the unique gaze of the modern art scene of Korea.

In addition, we reflect on contemporary art of our time by having Chinese contemporary art exhibitions of Yin Zhaoyang, Xu Bing, Ding Yi, and Tan Ping. Our notable exhibitions include a solo exhibition of Alex Katz and Sam Francis.

The Page Gallery will continuously active for vitalization of Korean art by exhibiting contemporary art and artists to domestic and international audiences, by developing young artist to bring diversity in both qualitatively and externally.

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The Page Gallery

The Page Gallery

Address: G205 Galleria Foret, 32-14 Seoulsup 2-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Korea

Tel: +82 2 3447 0049