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Based in New York, Uncommon Beauty Gallery represents artists from all over the world. From emerging to established and across all ages, the gallery predominately features the work of female artists and follows a socially conscious model. Founders and independent curators Beckie Warren and Jean-Noël Moneton met and co-curated their first show, titled Uncommon Beauty, in 2017 in New York.

Beauty is subjective and can be found in anything, anywhere, anytime. For each individual, notions of beauty are shaped both by their culture and society, and by their experiences and personalities. Uncommon Beauty Gallery looks at contemporary artists whose art reflect their vision of the world through different mediums and practices. Uncommon Beauty Gallery's curating principles are:

To welcome emerging, established or experimental practices
To foster an open and flexible approach of Beauty
To create a global community

Uncommon Beauty Gallery recognizes that minorities, female, queer, and gender non-conforming artists are grossly under-represented in today’s art market. We are determined to contribute to improving this unfair imbalance.

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Uncommon Beauty


Uncommon Beauty

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