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Since reopening its doors in Cheonan in 2002, Arario Gallery runs two branches in Cheonan and Seoul, and an gallery in Shanghai. Arario Gallery has always endeavored to explore new grounds that have never previously been looked at by other institutions in Korea, promoting hybridization and diversity in regionally localized art world through its active interactions with international art world. Through its artist representing system, the gallery has been to expand out to the global audience by introducing and proclaiming the excellence of Korean contemporary art to the rest of the world. On the basis of experience in China’s art industry, the gallery currently introduces various works from India and Southeast Asia’s artists which have yet been introduced within the country. Furthermore, the gallery continuously strives to discover, support and promote artists from India and Southeast Asia, and to spread its influence throughout this region. In accordance with its excellent artist representing system and collaborations with various domestic and international galleries, Arario Gallery is a leading Asian gallery which will continue to devote to expanding the possibility of art and the art market of Korea and Asia.

Arario Gallery Seoul
In March 2014, Arario Gallery Seoul has moved to So-gyuk Dong, a place known as the Mecha of Korea’s contemporary art scene. Arario’s So-gyuk Dong era began with the solo exhibition of its exclusive-contract artist, In-bae Kim. Having begun in Cheonan, Arario Gallery has been actively asserting its presence in Korea, Asia and the international art world based on its artist representing system and innovative exhibitions. Arario Gallery Seoul will continue to serve its role with talented artists from within and without the country, based on the novelty and originality of contemporary art, and communicate with more art lovers. Also, Arario Gallery Seoul plans to present the works of Arario artists whom we have been actively introducing and supporting, leading to new findings and trends in the Korean art world.

Arario Gallery Cheonan
Arario Gallery Cheonan where can feel the president Chang-il Kim’s passion for art, has led to introduce various contemporary arts to Korea. The gallery Cheonan has contributed the advancement of regional cultural industry and extended vision of the art world through well-organized exhibition programs such as a typical pop-artist in the U.S, Keith Haring’s solo exhibition (2002), a rising German artist Sigma Polke’s solo exhibition(2004), group exhibition for artists based on Leipzig that inherit a tradition of Germany (2005), a solo exhibition of Hyung Koo Kang who is famous for a portrait drawn in realism (2007), a group exhibition for introduction contemporary art in Southeast Asia (2010), Chinese young artists’ group exhibition (2011),etc. The gallery Choenan plans to make a various cultural program for people’s enjoyments as well as devote to the role of platform for the art of this region.

Arario Gallery Shanghai
From 2005 to 2012 in Beijing, ARARIO gallery ranked among the greatest galleries in China with groundbreaking exhibitions by various artists from across China, India and South East Asia. ARARIO gallery opened space at Hengshanfang, Shanghai from August 2014 to June 2017, and is relocating to Westbund, Shanghai in July 2017 to continue being a pioneer of modern art.
With advantages of a broad network operation, Shanghai is an emerging city as Asia’s global art hub. ARARIO gallery hopes to reinforce its position as an influential gallery with its artists representing various nations in Asia.
ARARIO gallery will provide a convenient entry for writing a meaningful history of contemporary art in Asia with exhibitions through its vivid and diverse projects collaborating with museums and incorporations. These projects carried out along with competitive artists from China and overseas will contribute to the diversity and vitality of the Chinese art scene.

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