Elga Wimmer PCC

New York


Elga Wimmer discovers emerging artists and re-discovers artists who have not gotten the recognition and exposures their work deserves.

Wimmer exhibited in the 90's among others Doug Aitken, Mariko Mori, Carolee Schneemann, Lisa Yuskavage and later on Nicola L, Joyce Pensato, Angela de la Cruz, Oliver Herring, Derrick Adams, just to name a few artists that have since come into their own with huge success.

She collaborate with other curators, either by inviting them to present their projects and artists, as well as collaborations as recently in "Bloom/Wilt/Bloom" with Michele Mack. At this moment, Iranian curator from New York, Roya Khadjavi, is presenting the artist from Iran, based in San Francisco, Dariush Nehdaran.

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Shirley West

Breckenridge, Texas


Elga Wimmer PCC


Elga Wimmer PCC

Address: 526 West 26 Street, New York, NY 10001,Suite 310

Tel: +1 212 206 0006