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Miles McEnery Gallery presents exhibitions by a multigenerational roster of artists whose works are linked by their drive to discover the points at which the paths of pleasure and knowledge intersect.

The art exhibited at McEnery highlights the multilayered nature of identity, not to mention history and humanity. It also leaves people free to experience things for themselves. And once that individual experience has begun, it invites you to determine what that experience means for you, but not just to you alone.

Painting and drawing predominate. This is not because these media are historically important or intrinsically valuable, but because they are basic: simple technologies that record, often in exceptionally nuanced ways, the gestures and maneuvers of a consciousness in action (making decisions, adapting to circumstances, working through rough spots, and coming to conclusions—only to start all over again in the next painting or drawing). The drama—of striving to do something and then striving to do more—opens up all sorts of stories. Each story has lots to say about all sorts of situations, artistic and otherwise. Often both.

Both abstract and representational, the works at McEnery invite viewers into worlds within worlds. Familiar details give way to strangeness. What you thought you knew turns out to be different from what you actually know. Strangest of all, your journeys through the overlapping, intersecting worlds in these works do not take you away from the real world so much as they take you more deeply into it—more attentive to subtle differences and inspired to share such discoveries with others.

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Amy Bennett


Annie Lapin

Washington D.C.

Beverly Fishman


Brian Alfred


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525 W 22nd St

520 W 21st St

525 W 22nd St

Address: 525 W 22nd St, New York, NY 10011

Tel: +1 212 445-0051

520 W 21st St

Address: 520 W 21st St, New York, NY 10011

Tel: +1 212 445-0051