Seoul Auction SA+

Hong Kong


Established in 1998, Seoul Auction is the leading art auctioneer in the Korean art market, in terms of market share and auction sales records. To achieve our goal of becoming a top-rate global auction house, Seoul Auction opened a branch office in Hong Kong in 2008 and has facilitated to introduce modern and contemporary Korean art to world-class collectors. Seoul Auction, which celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2018, opened a new exhibition space in H Queen’s in Hong Kong Central. The 330-square-meter gallery space is named SA+, formed from the first letters of Seoul Auction with plus. The SA+ functions as an international gateway for the auction house to continue to reach out to the global audience in the international art hub. We organize auctions each year on a wide range of artworks and themes and also conduct online auctions on a regular basis. Our mission is to share the joy of art collecting with art lovers the world over.

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Seoul Auction SA+

Seoul Auction SA+

Address: 11F, H Queen's, Queen's Rd W 80, Central, Hong Kong

Tel: +85 2 2537 1880