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In 1992, a year after the passing of the world-renowned artist Kim Whanki, the Whanki Foundation under the leadership of Kim Hyanan (wife of Kim Whanki) formed the Whanki Museum. Located in the Bun-Dong district, this museum was designed by architect Woo Kyuseung. The exterior of this building exemplified traditional Korean building style, while the interior showcased a more expansive and open space. Duality is constant theme throughout the museum. The dual mission of the museum is the promotion of Whanki’s work, but also the promotion of emerging artists. Kim Whanki was an artist that had unique artworks and theories, and the museum itself is dedicated in its archival, advancement, and study of those works. In addition, one of the Whanki’s greatest attributes was that of promoting and helping emerging artists. The museum has embodied that mission and works to promote emerging artist. This noble cause is best showcased in the “Prix Whanki,” an award given to emerging artist to showcase their work in a private exhibition in the museum. Kim Hyanan best describes the museum's purpose as a center where art of all kinds can truly thrive.

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Whanki Museum


Whanki Museum

Address: 63, Jahamun-ro 40-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul 03020

Tel: +82 2 391 7701