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The Seoul Museum of Art is a representative art museum of Seoul, the capital of Korea and a central city of Asia. It aims to be a ‘Beautiful, Good, and Smart Museum’ while also jumping up to the level of the world-renowned art museum.

SeMA is working to become a world-class art museum by holding refined exhibitions such as the SeMA Blue for young artists of Korea, SeMA Gold for middle aged artists, SeMA Green for elder artists, Special Overseas Exhibitions, and International Exchange Exhibitions – collaborations with famous art museums from around the world. Furthermore, SeMA promotes internationalization through the international media art biennale and the residency program of SeMA Nanji Residency. At the same time, SeMA is promoting interaction and communication with visitors by turning the whole area of Seoul into an art museum. We are accomplishing this through the art communication project with an approximately 3,500 piece collection including works from the masters in art history such as Hwan Gi Kim, Young Gook Yoo, Nam June Pai, Woo Hwan Lee, Seo Bo Park, and Myoung Ro Yoon as well as contemporary artists.

Furthermore, SeMA is becoming the place for social education and the distributor of culture and arts for many citizens through educational programs such as :
● The SeMA Academy for the Public - a program for students and persons with disabilities
● SeMA Outreach - a program that brings art to people

Seoul Museum of Art is located on the Doldam-gil of Deuksugung (palace). It is the place for culture and arts as well as meaningful social education that reflects cosmopolitan ideas, regional characteristics, professionalism, and popularity. It is where one can fully enjoy the beauty of art while experiencing the heart of the city. Finally, it is a museum that is working to represent not only Seoul but Asia.

Buk Seoul Museum of Art
The Buk Seoul Museum of Art is a public art complex that communicates and connects directly with its audience.

The Buk Seoul Museum of Art was built in the northeast corner of Seoul, a region that is relatively lacking in such cultural facilities. It will serve as a source for meaningful cultural experiences for nearby residents. There is always something to see, feel, experience, and enjoy at this community-based museum.

Nam Seoul Annex Building of Seoul Museum of Art
NamSeoul Annex Building of Seoul Museum of Art is a local culture center opened to the general public. It provides an advanced level of planned exhibition and education program for children free of charge. The building, which previously housed the Belgium Embassy, brings a traditional beauty to the now SeMA Nam Seoul.

SeMA Storage
The former reagent warehouse of the Korea Center for Disease Control and Prevention located in Seoul Innovation Park has been redeveloped into an exhibition space for the general public and cultural and art organizations.

Nam June Paik Memorial House
The Nam June Paik Memorial House stands on the site of the home in Changsin-dong, Seoul where internationally renowned artist Nam June Paik spent thirteen years of his childhood from 1937 to 1950.
The Memorial House holds fusional exhibitions that introduce Paik’s life and art against the cultural backdrop of Changsin-dong Seoul in the 1940s, as well as workshops and lectures. The Paik Nam June café in the memorial house is run jointly by the City of Seoul and local residents.

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Seoul Museum of Art

Buk Seoul Museum of Art

SeMA Storage

Seoul Museum of Art

Address: 61 Deoksugung-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul 04515

Tel: +82 2 2124 8800

Buk Seoul Museum of Art

Address: 1238 Dongil-ro, Nowon-gu, Seoul 01783, Korea

Tel: +82 2 2124 5248

SeMA Storage

Address: 684 Tongil-ro Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, Korea

Tel: +82 2 2124 8800