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Eazel always welcomes your request for demo and new partnership. Please click a link here Ask for partnering(link) and open a new phase of art history with us!

Develop communication

When you submit a request for demo or partnership, our team will reach out to you as soon as possible. We will provide you with more detail terms about our service and once both parties agree on the terms, we schedule a possible date for VR scanning your exhibition with 3D depth camera.

Produce VR content / Archive exhibitions in VR

Our team will visit your institution at the scheduled scanning date. A number of hours taking for VR varies depending on the size of your venue, however it normally takes 2 to 3 hours for a space size around 2,100 sqft. (approx. 195 m²) We conduct this process very carefully since we value your venue’s collection and artists’ artworks. After VR filming is done successfully, our content team will reach out to you to get necessary information and produce the VR content. Simultaneously our scanning team submits the scanned data to Eazel AWS server and it goes through some automatic and manual processes to make your exhibition in full VR experience. After these processes are done, Eazel’s VR tech team will tirelessly work to edit it to make it look stunning.

Connect your institution with more people around the world

Now, it’s time to share your great exhibition with the world. Your institution is not confined to your geographical location anymore. Through Eazel, make more viewers of your institution and archive your valuable exhibitions permanently.

What else? Expand your visual experience with AR technology

The other core of Eazel service is based on Augmented Reality. (AR) With Eazel’s various AR service, you can expand audiences’ visual experience when they appreciate your exhibition.

What benefits you get from partnering with Eazel?

Engage Your Audience : Eazel’s interactive experience allows you to connect with your users, both in-person and online, displaying exhibitions currently on view and offering access to past archived exhibitions.

Expand Your Reach : Anyone with an internet connection and smart device has the ability to experience your venue’s exhibition as if they are there in-person.

Control Your Information : Only the information you want associated with your artwork is displayed to ensure quality and accuracy of content.

Gain Insight Through Data and Analytics : Gain insight into your users and real-time artwork trends (views, interactions, shares) and create a benchmark for comparison to measure future programming success.

Cultivate Future Programming : By knowing what is and what is not popular, Eazel helps you construct a winning program no matter where your venue location might be.

Showcase Past Exhibitions : Eazel archives and hosts all past filmed exhibitions, providing users unparalleled historical access to and interactions with exhibitions they otherwise may have missed.

Many celebrated art institutions are already showcasing
archiving their exhibitions through Eazel via immersive virtual reality experience.

Any other questions? We are here to help !

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Installation view of Ahn Kyuchul Words Just for You , Kukje Gallery K1
Photo: Keith Park Image provided by Kukje Gallery​